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Welcome to The Baseball Rabbi Podcast - where Pesach Wolicki and Scott Kahn talk sabermetrics and baseball history, with a dose of fandom, fWAR, and Fenway.

Nov 28, 2018

By acquiring James Paxton, Brian Cashman did something atypical for him: he traded away a top pitching prospect. Will this work out (which is usually the case with Cashman), or is this another Granderson mistake (yes, you read that correctly)? And when Mike Moustakas doesn't earn the big bucks he expects, will it be...

Nov 22, 2018

In this special offseason wrap-up episode, Pesach Wolicki suggests that World Series winning teams have something in common that belies the common assumption that winning in the playoffs is a roll of the dice. He also gets passionately annoyed about Jacob deGrom's 5th place showing in the MVP race (but not...