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Welcome to The Baseball Rabbi Podcast - where Pesach Wolicki and Scott Kahn talk sabermetrics and baseball history, with a dose of fandom, fWAR, and Fenway.

Mar 16, 2021

Well, the good news is that someone has to come in first place! When Pesach and Scott look at the National League Central, they see the worst team in baseball, plus four more that would likely come in fourth or fifth place in some of MLB's other divisions. That doesn't mean there aren't storylines and narratives, of course, and the Baseball Rabbi is here to deliver them directly to you door. Nolan Arenado of the Cardinals (Pesach's surprise pick for division winners, by the way) is a total base machine, the Brewers actually have decent pitching (but no hitting), the Cubs actually have potentially decent hitting (but no pitching), the Reds should have been contenders but blew it, and the Pirates shouldn't have been and aren't. And guess what: even if an NL Central team wins 90 games, that won't change the fact that it's probably a mirage. Listen in and let us know if you agree!

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