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Welcome to The Baseball Rabbi Podcast - where Pesach Wolicki and Scott Kahn talk sabermetrics and baseball history, with a dose of fandom, fWAR, and Fenway.

Oct 7, 2019

(Because of Yom Kippur, the Baseball Rabbi is off this week. We'll be back next week with a brand new episode, dropping on Wednesday, October 16th. In the meantime, enjoy this classic episode from July, 2018.)

The Baltimore Orioles are in the midst of a historically bad season, made even worse by the fact that just a few years ago, they had the chance to climb the World Series mountain - and failed. Is this just a normal symptom the regular rise and fall of mid market teams in the Major Leagues, or is there a villain to the story? The Baseball Rabbi argues that there is both a culprit and a moment in time - or even two moments in time - when bad decisions directly created today's Orioles disaster. Even worse: these were mistakes that should have been obvious even when they were happening.